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Welcome to Banffshire and Buchan Coast Liberal Democrats web site. Designed to keep you up-to-date with local events as well as what's happening nationwide.


A number of consultations have been initiated recently, some by Aberdeenshire Council. Local authorities will need funding from the Scottish Government to implement the recommendations of the consultations, especially as with Council Tax frozen local authorities raise little money themselves compared to what they spend. Funding by the EU normally requires match funding from either the Scottish Government or the local authority, which in practice means local authority will ask the Scottish Government for the funds required. It will be disappointing if the Scottish Government is keen to encourage consultation exercises so that it appears to be listening to communities but does not provide the funds to implement recommendations.

Macduff & Banff

Consultation re what would improve Macduff and Banff.

Fisher Associates were appointed by Aberdeenshire Council to consult and produce proposals which will promote improvements in Macduff and Banff with Macduff harbour and the harbour frontage receiving specific mention. The initial consultations including public workshops during the week commencing 17th May and the follow on draft plan and further consultations are welcome. We hope for positive recommendations and that EU and other funding will be found to take the recommendations forward and to implement these for the benefit of both towns. We made proposals to Fisher Associates in principle to the effect that there should be improvements including investment in Macduff harbour but did not go into detail leaving that to those consulted.


This appears to be a more modest consultation but it is important that our communities have the opportunity to make recommendations to allow our communities to thrive.


We all know that this is a dangerous road which should be improved. We hope that recommendations will lead to improvements and whilst there will always be accidents caused by driver error an inherently safer road would reduce accidents.

Local Liberal Democrats choose General Election candidate.

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Recent updates

  • Article: Nov 26, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes has today called on the Scottish Government to adopt a national strategy to tackle the risks arising from sexting.

    A report published today by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) and The Care Inspectorate states that the phenomenon is common practice across the country, with 44% of British girls aged 13-17 having sent intimate images of themselves to others.

  • Article: Nov 26, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes MSP has today welcomed the news that the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee will on Tuesday (1 December) discuss the next steps following the revelations of police spying that came to light yesterday.

    Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes MSP has today welcomed the news that the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee will on Tuesday (1 December) discuss the next steps following the revelations of police spying that came to light yesterday.

  • Article: Nov 26, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has this afternoon called for Nicola Sturgeon to make an early commitment to match funding for mental health services in Scotland following the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

    Yesterday George Osbourne bowed to pressure from a cross-party campaign led by Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb and promised an additional £600 million for mental health services.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015

    A new surbet by the charity Whizz-Kidz says transport issues left many young people feeling excluded from job opportunities or accessing health and education services

    Two in three young wheelchair users don't use buses and trains because of poor access, a charity said today.

    Improvements during the 2012 Paralympic Games had been lost and some public transport services were worse, it claimed.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015
    My name is Leroy, I have got a learning disability and I have personally experienced bullying.

    Words hurt

    Some people have called me 'retard' and 'mongol', which is not right or fair for someone with a learning disability.

    The thing that I do not like is sometimes they have children with them, which means if they hear one of their parents say it they will think that it is ok for them to say it too.

    Some children have even called me names like 'spastic' or even 'stupid', which I know that I am not - I have a had a job for 16 years! I do not blame the children because they do not know any better and it is what they have heard their parents say.

    On the way home

    One night on the way home from working the night shift at the warehouse company I worked for, I went to a takeaway place to get something to eat. On my way home I saw two men at the bus stop, as I turned into my road one of them stole my food.

    I went back to the takeaway place and told them what happened, the man in the shop went out to see if he could see them and they gave me some more food. When I got home I told my mum what happened and she rang the police. The police came and took my statement. They also put something about what happened in my local paper, the Islington gazette.

    At the arcade

    I am such a trusting person, once I was playing on a fruit machine, I was winning and a guy said that he would change it up for me. Stupidly I trusted him to do that but he did not turn up with the money.

    So I went up to the cash desk to get it but they did not have it. They had a CCTV photo of him walking out of the arcade with the money.

    They rang the police and the next morning I had to go to Tottenham police station to give them a statement.

    At school

    When I was younger I went to a special school. At play time a so called friend of mine kept bullying me into giving him my money. I told one of the teachers so he stopped for a little while, but then he started again. This time he said that if I told anyone at school he would make it worse for me. There were times when I did not want to go to school because of him but I knew that I had to because I did not want my mum to get in trouble.

    I could not tell my mum about him because I knew that she would have gone down to the school and I did not want her to do that because she had my other five younger brothers and sisters to look after.

    In the end I went to the headmaster and he took him up in the office and said that bulling will not be tolerated at this school, he said that if it happens again he will be sent home. So he stopped and we become good friends after that.

    Forgiving the bullies

    I feel very upset and annoyed about what has happened to me but I do forgive those who have bullied me. I believe they didn't know any better and in time I think they will realise that what they did was not right.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015

    Following the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie has said John Swinney should be thankful he has not had to stand up today and deliver a budget for an independent Scotland.

    Mr Swinney is due to give details of the Scottish government's budget plans for 2016-17 next month. If Scotland had voted to leave the UK it would have been the last budget delivered before independence in March 2016.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes MSP has today expressed her shock over the results of the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2014: Attitudes to Violence against Women.

    The survey, which focuses on attitudes to violence against women, has highlighted a series of damning statistics including that almost a quarter (23%) of those questioned agreed women often lie about being raped.

    In response to the results of the survey, Ms McInnes said:

    "The survey results, particularly those regarding rape, are shocking. Rape is rape. No ifs and no buts. It is always wrong.

    "The results clearly highlight that there are still issues regarding the way in which violence against women is seen in Scotland. It is important that these attitudes are tackled and from an early age. This survey is especially telling in light of today being the beginning of this year's 16 days of activism to tackle violence against women."

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have this evening expressed outrage over the scrapping of the £1 billion ring-fenced capital budget for the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) prize.

    Following the announcement, energy spokesman Liam McArthur MSP said:

    "The UK Government's decision to axe £1 billion of funding ring-fenced for the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) competition is a catastrophe, not just for Peterhead and the north-east, but for the whole of the United Kingdom. The three sentences the government uses to explain its decision just shows how far down the list of priorities protecting our environment really is.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015

    I am sure that we all agree with the words of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who said:

    "Violence against women is never acceptable, never excusable and never tolerable."

    Yet violence against women is still a truly global issue. It affects all communities, all races and people of all religions and none. According to the UN, one in three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. Worldwide, more than 700 million women who are alive today were married as children. Of those women, more than one in three-around 250 million-were married before they were 15.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015

    The Scottish Liberal Democrats have today said Police Scotland and the Scottish Government must be held to account after claims the force spied on journalists were confirmed by the Interception of Communication Commissioner's Office (IOCCO).

    IOCCO today revealed that Police Scotland breached the law on the interception of communications on five occasions, 'adversely affecting' four individuals. The Commissioner identified "reckless" failures and concluded the applications "failed to satisfy adequately the requirements of necessity and proportionality".