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A number of consultations have been initiated recently, some by Aberdeenshire Council. Local authorities will need funding from the Scottish Government to implement the recommendations of the consultations, especially as with Council Tax frozen local authorities raise little money themselves compared to what they spend. Funding by the EU normally requires match funding from either the Scottish Government or the local authority, which in practice means local authority will ask the Scottish Government for the funds required. It will be disappointing if the Scottish Government is keen to encourage consultation exercises so that it appears to be listening to communities but does not provide the funds to implement recommendations.

Macduff & Banff

Consultation re what would improve Macduff and Banff.

Fisher Associates were appointed by Aberdeenshire Council to consult and produce proposals which will promote improvements in Macduff and Banff with Macduff harbour and the harbour frontage receiving specific mention. The initial consultations including public workshops during the week commencing 17th May and the follow on draft plan and further consultations are welcome. We hope for positive recommendations and that EU and other funding will be found to take the recommendations forward and to implement these for the benefit of both towns. We made proposals to Fisher Associates in principle to the effect that there should be improvements including investment in Macduff harbour but did not go into detail leaving that to those consulted.


This appears to be a more modest consultation but it is important that our communities have the opportunity to make recommendations to allow our communities to thrive.


We all know that this is a dangerous road which should be improved. We hope that recommendations will lead to improvements and whilst there will always be accidents caused by driver error an inherently safer road would reduce accidents.

Local Liberal Democrats choose General Election candidate.

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Recent updates

  • Article: Jul 3, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Alison McInnes MSP today welcomed news that the Scottish Human Rights Commission has referred the police's use of stop and search to the United Nations and given more weight to her plans for reforming the controversial tactic.

    In its submission to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, the commission asked that the UN investigate the pervasive and intrusive practice of so-called consensual stop and search.

  • Article: Jul 1, 2015

    Guest blog post by Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesman Jim Hume MSP:

    If you ask people about the things they value most, their health - and that of their families - is usually towards the top of the list. Staff in our NHS do fantastic work every day to help keep us on the go. But what has become increasingly clear is that doctors and nurses are not getting the support they need.

  • Article: Jun 29, 2015
    Dukes Ward Councillor Tony Dawnson

    Dukes Ward Councillor Tony Dawson, Deputy Leader of Liberal Democrat Group

    Many people with major disabilities have waited far too long for their Personal Independence Payments to be processed, say local Lib Dems.

    Councillor Dawson, local Lib Dem Health & Adult Care spokesperson, is disappointed in a recent High Court case where two disabled people had failed to establish in court this week that the delays in assessment of PIP were so great that their human rights had been breached.

  • Article: Jun 29, 2015
    Do you think it is harder to come to terms with your disability if it occurs as a result of something to which you can pin the blame, like an accident or event?

    Or is it just as difficult to deal with it if it happens as part of something that can't be as easily explained?

    We've had these thoughts after Leah Washington had her leg amputated following an accident at Alton Towers. ...

    Ouch journalist Kathleen Hawkins had both of her legs amputated because of meningitis in 2007 and a psychologist at the time said many people find it more difficult to come to terms with if it is because of an illness or "natural" cause.

    We'll be talking about this on Inside Ouch tomorrow and would love your input.
  • Article: Jun 29, 2015

    There are 1.2 million people in England aged 65 and over who are providing unpaid care to a disabled, seriously ill or older relative or friend.

    If carers are to have healthy and fulfilling lives in older age, more must be done to ensure that there is adequate support in place from health and care services both for older carers and for the people they care for.

  • Article: Jun 29, 2015

    When did life become so busy? We consume the bulk of our information in 140 characters, read more news online than ever before and watch TV and films wherever and whenever we want.

    Gone are the days of rushing home and settling down on the couch to catch the latest episode of our favourite TV show. Or are they?

  • Article: Jun 29, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat North East MSP and justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes today blasted a senior SNP MSP's staggering complacency over the Scottish Government's controversial proposals to create a super ID database.

    In a response to a constituents concerns, SNP MSP for Angus South, Graeme Dey, accused critics of the government's scheme of being "paranoid".

  • Article: Jun 29, 2015

    After the general election in May, the Liberal Democrats have set up our biggest ever listening exercise ever.

    We want to ensure that our party comes to the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections with a modern, ambitious vision of liberal values for Scotland. And we need your help. I want to hear about the big issues that matter to you.

  • Article: Jun 29, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have secured a review of Police Scotland's controversial use of facial recognition technology. 

    In a letter to Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie and Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Alison McInnes, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) will now undertake a review into the technology. Following discussions with the Justice Secretary, the review will be included in HMICS' 2015-16 scrutiny plan. 

  • Article: Jun 29, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes MSP today launched a bid to increase the age of criminal responsibility in a move that would mean an end to children as young as eight entering the criminal justice system.

    Mrs McInnes has tabled amendments to the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill that would see the age of criminal responsibility increase from eight to 12. Increasing the limit to 12 is "the absolute minimum" the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child expects.